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Perform or Volunteer

A  performer or backstage volunteer at Four Seasons will:

  • meet new people, have new experiences, and learn new things.

  • contribute to and participate in their community.

  • learn and develop theatre skills.

  • use and improve interpersonal skills.

  • achieve and be energized.

  • network.

  • mentor and /or be mentored.

  • have fun!

  • experience the thrill of show biz!

Positions Just Right for you!

Four Seasons is always looking for a diverse group of volunteers in these exciting posi:tions:

  • producers

  • directors

  • actors

  • choreographers

  • musical directors

  • musicians (especially piano players who read music)

  • set designers

  • set builders and painters

  • lighting people

  • sound people

  • costume designers and builders

  • props people

  • stage hands


We have different sponsorship levels, as follows:

  • $100        Audience

  • $250        Cast

  • $500        Crew

  • $1000      Producer

  • $2000+    Director

We are a non-profit theatre company and we rely onsponsors from the community in order to successfully bring you quality musical theatre productions. Our registration number is 119233617RR0001.

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