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Spring 2017 Classes!

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Centered around improving skills and fostering talent and interest in musical theatre, the Four Seasons’ Musical Theatre Class is an 8-week program that focuses on music, movement, and acting – but most of all on having fun. With a combination of games, lessons, and practical experience, these classes are perfect for beginners or “veterans of the stage” who want to keep their skills fresh.  Experienced and enthusiastic teachers Brian Thibodeau and Kaehlen Allison tailor the classes to the participants, so you can be sure that your child will have a blast!
The 8 sessions of classes are available for youth 7-14 years old and run from January 14th to March 11th, from 9am-12pm.  There is no class on February 11th.  Here is the curriculum:
  • Week 1: “Getting to know you”, skills assessment, introductions and expectations
  • Week 2: Basic skills tutorials (dance, singing, and acting)
  • Week 3: Intro to performance, song selection, choreo beginning
  • Week 4: Intermediate skills tutorial, song rehearsal, choreo
  • Week 5: Script intro, song rehearsal, choreo
  • Weeks 6-7: Staging, song rehearsal, choreo
  • Week 8: Dress rehearsal and performance for parents and friends

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Learn the basics of healthy singing through breathing and vocal exercises. Develop musical skills as a solo, or in a group, in various styles. Establish the connection of voice, acting, and movement specific to musical theatre. Develop good work habits and discipline in a fun learning environment. Learn about proper warm-ups and exercises for voice and group singing in both unison and harmony.


Learn basic musical theatre steps, body awareness, safety onstage, and group coordination.


This program teaches basic acting and stagecraft: from creating characters to voice projection and movement. It also teaches how to focus, connect with your fellow actors, and adapt to surprises. The end result will be a young actor with more on-stage confidence, fewer inhibitions, and greater ability to communicate to an audience.

We will also cover crew responsibilities and how cast and crew work together to create theatre.  Every child can benefit from learning about expressing themselves, listening to others, moving with intention, and having fun with theatre. By the end of these classes the students will be well prepared to participate in musical theatre scenes and dance numbers.

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