• Tuesday, 31 March 2020

Dr. Dolittle Cast and Production Team

Introducing the Cast and Production Team of …

Dr. Dolittle!


  • Dr. Dolittle: Matt Mathiason
  • Matthew: Brian Thibodeau
  • Emma Fairfax: Kelly Vanderswan
  • Polynesia: Mary Jo Wood
  • Tommy: Jill Aalders
  • General Bellows: Julie Gray
  • Albert Blossom: Rob Friesen
  • Gertie Blossom: Mary Alice Jenkins
  • Straight Arrow: Sarah Plank
  • Jip the Dog: Chantelle Morneau
  • Rufus the Dog: Emma St Denis
  • Chee Chee the Monkey: Isabella Hermosa
  • Gub Gub the Pig: Nadia Lurie
  • Featured Dancers: Celeste Borjeau, Sierrah Borjeau
  • Bailiff, Policeman, Ensemble: Nathan Black
  • Dymme-Witt, Ensemble: Martin Poulin
  • Policeman, Ensemble: Nikole Crooks
  • Ensemble (Puppeteers, Islanders, Villagers): Eden Forbes, Zach Ralph, Willem Rabourn, Miles Firth, Charlynne Gustafson, Saidi Mader, Katharine Doll, Nikole Crooks, Molly McClellan, Sadie Karlsson, Grace Kejo, Shya Hamilton

Production Team

  • Director: Sasha Moriarty-Schieven
  • Assistant Director: AJ Hildebrand
  • Music Director: Kevin Frye
  • Choreographer: Adrienne Grange
  • Stage Manager: Chantal Davis
  • Assistant Stage Managers: Misty Anna, Elisabeth Ivy Manouchehri
  • Producer: Lara Oberg
  • Puppet Master: Mary Robertson
  • Set Designer: Mirella Standbridge
  • Costume Coordinators: Susan Mooney, Mary Gibson
  • Lighting Design: James Pinske
  • Co-Crew Chiefs: Austin Black, Andrea Black
  • Props: Gillian & Effie Mayer
  • More coming soon!

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